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In order to have a successful mobile marketing business, you must partner with the right mobile marketing reseller for your business. Each mobile marketing professional has his/her own goals, vertical market, client base and mobile marketing tools that they want to offer. Therefore, there is not one right answer for the question, “What reseller should I partner with?”

Here are several mobile marketing vendors with reseller and/or white label programs. I suggest investigating each of them before settling in with the right partner(s) for you. Yes, you may end up having more than one reseller with which you partner because they each have unique and different services.

Lime Cellular
Lime Cellular offers a robust platform you can use to power your mobile marketing business. Centered around SMS text messaging, the platform also provides you the ability to offer mobile websites, QR Codes, loyalty programs, mobile coupons, appointment reminders, text to win and text to screen.

A true reseller, Lime Cellular does not compete with you in the marketplace as they are exclusively working with resellers and white label partners. Their back office software gives you the ability to invoice your clients and collect payments (through your own merchant account). They include training, excellent support and marketing materials you can use to build your business.

Their reseller program is available in the US, Canada and the UK.

Learn more about the Lime Cellular reseller program

Motiply Partners
Motiply’s white label reseller platform is based on native mobile apps, web apps and mobile websites with SMS text messaging as an additional option you can offer. They do not compete in the marketplace against you by selling directly to business customers.

Motiply’s back end office platform gives you the ability to bill your customers and accept payments through PayPal. They include training, support and marketing materials, including a pre-built site for you.

Find out more about the Motiply Partners program

Loyal Checkin
The Loyal Checkin reseller program is focused exclusively on a mobile loyalty program platform. Their service gives you the ability to help businesses replace their outdated loyalty punch cards with a cutting edge option for their customers.

Included in the Loyalty Checkin platform is a fully ready to go site that you can use to market your business. You bill your clients through PayPal or Google Checkout with all the proceeds coming to you.

Watch a quick video about Loyal Checkin to see their back office in detail.

Discover how to have a Loyalty Checkin business

Anchor Mobile – ask for Barbara Hines and tell her Kim Dushinski sent you

Trumpia – use promo code KIMD

In many, but not all, cases I will earn a referral fee if you click through to these vendors and decide to sign up with them as a reseller. Rest assured the referral fee is not why I recommend them to you – these are quality businesses with great programs for mobile marketing entrepreneurs. That is why I recommend them. Getting a referral fee for doing so is just smart business.

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