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Dear Mobile Marketing Entrepreneur:

NOTE: The IMMBN is not accepting new members at this time.

My name is Kim Dushinski and I am the Founder of the IMMBN. I founded this association for the purpose of providing people interested in starting and building a business in mobile marketing a solid foundation and a virtual place to gather together.

After the publication of my book, The Mobile Marketing Handbook, in 2009 I was deluged with emails and calls from people who wanted to start a business in mobile and asked me how to do it. I created training programs and began to teach hundreds of people from around the world how to start their mobile marketing business. Two years later, I decided that the industry was ready for an association dedicated to providing ongoing support and assistance to mobile marketing entrepreneurs.

Charter membership opened on New Year’s Day, 2011 and in the past two years the IMMBN has facilitated hundreds of members from around the world to learn, collaborate and grow their businesses. As we head into 2013 it is time to announce some exciting updates to our member benefits.

Four IMMBN Membership Benefits:

Information about how to start & build your mobile marketing business

Marketing/Sales Guidance / Tools

Specific assistance around getting clients for your business

Interaction with other mobile marketing professionals and vendors

Mobile Marketing Reseller Connection

Access to information about vendor reseller programs and connection with vendors

Let’s take a look at these benefits in a bit more detail…


Mobile Marketing QuickStart Training
The QuickStart training is a set of three pre-recorded training calls to which members get instant access. These webinars are designed to give you a quickstart training in mobile marketing. Not everything you will need to build a business, but what you will need to make a start. Includes MP3 downloads and transcripts as well.

Quarterly Best Practices Clinics
Every month there is a live webinar-based membership meeting that includes a timely topic and plenty of time for interaction and questions. Once per quarter the call is focused on Best Practices. We’ll choose an area of mobile marketing and go over the best practices and legalities (where possible) about the tool. See the schedule of monthly clinics here.

Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit
Twice per year (usually in January and July) the IMMBN hosts a virtual summit – a four day virtual event featuring mobile marketing experts discussing a variety of topics in mobile. This event is open to the public (who pay $197 to attend) and is offered free to IMMBN Members. Read more about the MMVS here.

The Mobile Marketing Virtual Summits are a membership drive event. Members are given the opportunity to invite others to attend and/or join the IMMBN and earn a referral fee for those who join or pay to attend.

Membership Resource Area
The Resource page on the IMMBN member site includes a collection of resources you can use in your mobile marketing business. Includes all the past two years of IMMBN Member Q&A Calls for you. Chances are whatever question you have has been asked and answered in one of these calls.

Advanced Training Discounts
The IMMBN is not designed to offer comprehensive training for your business and so we offer members discounts on advanced training such as my Mobile Marketing BOOTCAMP and other expert members’ trainings as well.


Quarterly Sales Clinics
Every month there is a live webinar-based membership meeting that includes a timely topic and plenty of time for interaction and questions. Once per quarter the call is focused on Sales and Marketing techniques and tips. See the schedule of monthly clinics here.

Listing on IMMBN Member Directory with Link to Your Site
Each member of the IMMBN has a Member Listing page that includes your logo, a business description and contact information, including a link to your site. This page is listed in the Member Directory which may be searched by businesses looking for a mobile marketing professional to help them with their mobile marketing. It will be indexed by Google and thus give your site some credibility with their search engine. View the Member Directory here.

Ability to post informative articles on IMMBN site with Author Box
As mobile marketing professional you can post informative articles on the IMMBN site to share with other members as well as showcase your expertise in mobile. Each article will feature an Author Box linking to your site, your social media as well as give a short description of you as a mobile marketing expert. See an example of an Author Box here.

Ability to post Member News on IMMBN
When you have news to announce about your business (a new service offering, a new client signed, new team members brought on board, etc) you can submit your press release making this announcement on the site.

Listing in IMMBN Media Center as a resource for your local mediaCOMING SOON
The media search for local experts to interview on topics all the time. The IMMBN Media Center is being built out to include a list of members according to your expertise and local area. Once it is built you may be contacted by the media in your local area for interviews.

IMMBN Member Logo Use
Members have access to an IMMBN Member logo to use on your site as proof you belong to a professional organization in mobile marketing.


IMMBN Member Networking Forum
Having access to fellow mobile marketing professionals is a key component of this business network. You can share stories, ideas, resources and camaraderie with one another in the IMMBN Member Forum.

Local Meeting Listing Board
Find other IMMBN Members in your local area can be quite helpful. In the Member Forum, there is a spot for you to post to find other people in your local area to meet up with.


Recommended Reseller Directory
There are dozens, if not hundreds, of mobile marketing companies offering reseller programs. Some of them are better than others and some of them are the top recommended reseller programs. Check the IMMBN Recommended Reseller Directory for information about the resellers that are recommended and meet the high ethical standards of the IMMBN.

Quarterly Vendor Clinics
Every month there is a live webinar-based membership meeting that includes a timely topic and plenty of time for interaction and questions. Once per quarter the call is focused on a featured vendor. The vendor will share all the inside details about their reseller program and give you the chance to ask them questions. See the schedule of monthly clinics here.

NOTE: The IMMBN is not accepting new members at this time.

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