Roger Marquis

EXPERT MEMBER: Roger Marquis

Roger Marquis is the founder of 2D Barcode Strategy, a marketing consultancy that specializes in advising companies and agencies on the strategic use of 2D barcode technology for marketing and general business purposes. Mr. Marquis also authors the only blog published in the U.S. generating objective analysis on the effectiveness of 2D barcode campaigns ( Through this work, as well as published articles and strategic commentary, Mr. Marquis has established himself as a thought leader in this newly emerging area of marketing.

Previous to this, Mr. Marquis held senior-level marketing management positions at leading global companies, which include: HSBC, Deutsche Bank, BNY Mellon and Reed Elsevier. He also conceived, launched and managed True Wind, a nautical lifestyle accessories company. Throughout Mr. Marquis’ career, he has managed all aspects of the marketing mix and is well versed in traditional, digital and mobile marketing practice and theory. Additionally, Mr. Marquis has successfully formulated and implemented multi-channel marketing strategies to drive revenue, acquire clients, engage audiences, build loyalty and generate awareness.

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