Affiliate Info / Referrals

The IMMBN has a membership referral program in place that offers a 35% one-time referral fee for new members. To join this referral (affiliate) program and refer new members, follow these instructions:

Sign up for ShareASale as an Affiliate or skip to #2 if you are already enrolled.

Login to ShareASale.
Go to the Merchants tab.
Click on Search for Merchants
Search for Mobile Marketing Profits

Click on the [ JOIN PROGRAM ] link.
You will be automatcially approved into the program.

On the page you see after you are approved click on
Get Links for

In the TEXT LINKS area, click on Get HTML Code for IMMBN Basic Link.
Or you can also get BANNERS to use.

Simply place this link and/or banners in emails or on your website and whenever anyone clicks through and enrolls you will earn your referral fee. ShareASale will pay you directly.

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