Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mobile Marketing Profits and the IMMBN?

Mobile Marketing Profits is my mobile marketing training company that offers advanced training in the local business mobile marketing arena. I help people start and build businesses that sell mobile marketing to brick and mortar businesses (restaurants, spas, salons, etc.). It is my business offering only my products and services.

The IMMBN is a business network that offers basic information about the opportunities in mobile marketing and serves as a connecting point for everyone in the mobile marketing industry including vendors. The how-to information included in the IMMBN helps members decide which of the many paths in mobile marketing is right for them and then connects them with the next step. This may or may not be advanced training from Mobile Marketing Profits.

While I am the CEO of the IMMBN, more people are involved in it than just me. Other mobile marketing experts are also members. The IMMBN also has a strong Code of Ethics that ensures that all recommended vendors are offering smart, ethical mobile marketing for the strength of the industry.

What is the difference between your Mobile Marketing Business in a Box and membership in the IMMBN?

The Mobile Marketing Business in a Box is a home study course with detailed information and modules about how to offer mobile marketing to local businesses. Part of what used to be in Biz in a Box, the Mobile Marketing QuickStart, is now being offered as part of the membership of IMMBN. Biz in a Box is being upgraded and adjusted in the first quarter of 2011. And everyone who ever bought it will get their lifetime upgrade at no cost.

Membership in the IMMBN is not just how-to information; it is belonging to a business network in the mobile marketing industry. It is the essential starting point and connecting point for all participants in the mobile marketing space.

A list of membership types and member benefits can be found here.

Is Mobile Marketing Business in a Box still going to be available with the coaching program or is it being phased out? Which is better?

Yes, both the Mobile Marketing Business in a Box and the Mobile Marketing Masters Class (the 6-week live class with individual consultation) are available. If you like to learn in a live group setting with the ability to ask questions and interact with other students, the Masters Class is the best option. It is also the only training program I offer that gives you individual consultation time with me. The Masters Class includes the Biz in a Box program so you can get started right away without having to wait until the next class starts.

How does IMMBN compare to MobiBlueprint?

The IMMBN is a business network for anyone who is in mobile marketing whether this is in the local (brick and mortar) market or internet marketing model mobile marketing (mobile affiliate marketing, etc.). MobiBlueprint is one of the advanced training programs that members of IMMBN get a generous discount on.

MobiBlueprint is a coaching program focused exclusively on mobile marketing for the internet marketer. It is different than my other training because it is not about local business mobile marketing. I co-created the training with Gauher Chaudhry.

I’m trying to figure out how to get involved with Mobile Marketing using your material but I’m really confused as to what “package” to use/get. Do you have a suggestion?

You should start with the IMMBN. First of all, it is for anyone in the mobile marketing industry and the QuickStart program is designed to help you figure out where you want to be in the industry. Once you have decided, then you can take the right advanced training that you need to get further involved.

With the IMMBN membership you get a $200 discount on the Mobile Marketing Business in a Box, the Mobile Marketing Masters Class (after the 1/12/11 session) and even on MobiBlueprint. With the charter membership priced at only $117, you will save more on advanced training than the membership costs. Plus you will have a full year’s membership in IMMBN.

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